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Sisal and Jute Rugs: Understated Yet Elegant

If you are looking for rugs with a perfect blend of elegance, simplicity, and durability, look no further than Sisal and Jute rugs. Sisal is a natural fiber that is extracted from the vascular tissue of the sisal plant, and jute is the natural fiber that is extracted from either of two Asian plants, the Corchorus capsularis or C. Olitorius. Both sisal and jute rugs are very thin, almost always under an inch or two, and they are mostly sold as area rugs as opposed to full-floor rugs. They are remarkably easy to clean, which makes them great rugs for entryways and heavily-trafficked areas in the home. Since both sisal and jute rugs are woven together from natural fibers, they have a very understated and earthy appearance that compliments virtually any interior design scheme.

Not only are sisal and jute fibers used for making rugs, but they are also used to make sacks, bags, blankets, rope and clothing. Sisal is actually used in cars and trucks to provide friction for brakes and clutches. Sisal fibers are tan-colored, but can be dyed if you would prefer not to have a natural-colored sisal rug, and many of the rugs have patterns, pictures, or designs on them. Jute is the same color as sisal, but it is actually much glossier, and jute is the softest of all natural fibers.

Purchase Lovely Sisal or Jute Area Rugs for Your Home

Not only are sisal and jute rugs lovely home accents, but they are also quite affordable, and can be found all over the place – at flea markets, department stores, and tons of online stores. One of the foremost sellers of sisal and jute rugs is Rugs USA, an online retailer specializing in rugs and area rugs. They offer high-quality, low-cost area rugs, and they don’t have a storefront; they are exclusively on the internet, which allows them added flexibility with pricing (great for their customers). Several of their sisal rugs are patterned with such things as leaves and floral designs.

Sisal and jute rugs also make great doormats because their fibers are good at retrieving dirt. Many offices use small sisal and jute rugs to add more of a stylish and comfortable feel to an otherwise drab work environment. Look for sisal and jute carpets with 100% sisal or jute weaves. Belgian sisal is the highest quality sisal, but Brazilian is a close runner-up and is often more affordable. If you are planning to use a sisal or jute rug as a doormat, look for one with a rubber base so that it doesn’t slide around the floor when people use it to wipe their shoes.

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