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Kitchen Decor, Accent Pieces, and Rugs

Kitchen accent rugs are common decorative pieces in any home or apartment. Kitchens are commonly used as gathering places, which is why they are often called the heart of the home. Families often meet in kitchens for meal preparation and eating, and guests often congregate in kitchens, as well. Kitchens are often warm, comfortable places, but they have the potential to be cold and unwelcoming due to the tile or vinyl floors and the many metal appliances. Decorations in the kitchen often are minimal because, first and foremost, kitchens are designed for function, but the décor of any kitchen is nevertheless an important element.

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Kitchen accent rugs are exactly—or should be—what the name says: accents. Although kitchens can vary dramatically in size, with some being large and some being much smaller, the rug in a kitchen should not be as focal an element in the kitchen as it can be in other rooms of the house. Generally, rugs in the kitchen serve a few primary purposes or functions. It is common to find small kitchen rugs in front of the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator. Occasionally, depending on the arrangement of the kitchen, one larger rug will be sufficient to cover more than one area—for example, a rug could be in front of the sink and in front of the stove if the two are beside each other. Another common function of kitchen rugs is being underneath the kitchen table. Some people prefer this use because it draws attention to the focal point of the kitchen, the table, and softens the area. However, if a family has small children, this placement of a kitchen rug could be problematic due to spilled food and beverages.

Kitchen accent rugs are not the primary decoration in the kitchen. Instead, they serve as decorative additions, pieces that complement the overall design scheme of the room. Many kitchen accent rugs continue the themes started elsewhere in the kitchen of farmhouses, cows, chickens, fruit, wine, food harvests, etc. Usually, the designs are simple and not overly dramatic or ornate. Most kitchen accent rugs are not noted for any amazing “art like” quality but simply blend in with everything else around them. For people who prefer simple, more streamlined design, kitchen accent rugs will not have a design at all. Instead, they will be solid colors that complement or agree with the other colors of the room. One important thing to remember is that kitchen accent rugs are primarily functional and therefore should have a rubber, non-slip backing.

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