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Rugs Made with Hooked Technique: Wool and Fish

In hooked wool rugs, fish are often a popular design choice because the construction of the rug and its texture works well with an ocean setting. Hooked wool rugs are great for use in any room of the house because they are easy to use, durable, inexpensive, and can incorporate many colors. They can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, children’s bedrooms, or even other rooms in the house. These rugs work best with a décor that is either child-focused or that has a country, rustic charm. Hardwood floors are a great place to showcase these artistic rugs.

Fun Decor: Hooked Wool Rugs Fish

The design of hooked wool rugs fish is a great way to decorate a bathroom or a child’s room. Hooked wool rugs first started being produced in the early American colonial times when pioneer women used old feed sacks and scraps of fabric to create them. Although they may require a little time, the technique involved in making these rugs is simple: a hook similar to a crochet hook is used to make looped pile from the scraps of fabric on the underlying base. These rugs are so simple to make that they can be a great craft project for kids.

Because of the technique and materials used to make this type of rug, they have a more rustic, simplistic look than other rug varieties. For this reason, these rugs, especially hooked wool rugs fish, are suited for use in bathrooms and children’s bedrooms where the ocean idea can be a great decorative scheme. Bathrooms are often decorated thematically and with more colors than would be used in ordinary rooms. For this reason, bathrooms can be fun to decorate because they allow much creative expression, use of vivid colors, and other playful elements. Although hooked wool rugs can be made in any design or color, they can also be very colorful if a variety of different colored fabric scraps are used.

In the bedrooms, hooked wool rugs fish can be perfect for a child interested in the ocean and all the creatures that live there. Again, the hooked rugs can incorporate exactly the colors and combination of colors that are desired, and the child can even participate in the decoration of his or her room by helping to create the rug. The rugs are durable and long-lasting, so the wear and tear produced by a child will not be a problem. If making a rug does not appeal to your interests, it is easy to find hooked wool rugs with a fish design all over the Internet. Internet rug sellers are often able to offer lower prices, so you can easily find a good deal on the rug you want.

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