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Runners Help with Stair Safety

Rugs are a very popular home decorative accessory, and stair runners are no exception. Rugs have many different purposes in a home: they can add softness and comfort to a room; they can complement decor, wall color, and furniture; and they can help direct movement and serve as functional pieces. The sizes, shapes, colors, and designs of rugs can vary widely, so it is extremely easy to find a particular rug that fits in perfectly with your style, design, or intent. There are rugs that cover entire rooms, rugs that work as decorative accents, and even stair runners.

Stair Runners Add Style

Stair runners can have many different uses or purposes in a home. They are commonly seen in older homes or homes with hardwood floor staircases. Hardwood floors can be both cold and slippery. In the winter, the bare floors seem to remain cold, and the floors are always slippery when people wear certain kinds of shoes, socks only, and after cleaning. Although slipping can always be a problem, it becomes a more serious issue if the slipping occurs on the stairs because it can result in a fall on the stairway. Many people, especially children, have a tendency to run or walk quickly down the stairs, making slips and falls even more likely. Because stair runners offer more traction and resistance, they can help prevent injury.

Another benefit of stair runners is the decorative effect. Hardwood floors in a stairway that are covered with stair runners have a unique, comfortable look that really gives a homey feel to a house. Most stair runners do not cover the entire staircase. They are usually a little less wide than the stairs, running down the center of the stairs and leaving a strip of hardwood floor showing on each side. The look that is created is really nice because the beauty of the hardwood floors can still be seen and showcased, while the stairs become safer and less hazardous.

Staircases are places that are frequently without decoration or stylistic design because they are forgotten, ignored, or difficult to decorate. However, stair runners can help solve this problem and style and color to a stairwell depending on the particular stair runner that is chosen. Although installing stair runners is not as easy as laying a rug down on the floor of an ordinary room, the task is still not as hard as it may seem. It is easy to find step-by-step instructions, and it can become a fun, do-it-yourself, home project.

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