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Braided Rugs are Great Home Accents

The braided rug is a very traditional style of rug, and its simplicity is timeless. There are various types of braiding used to create these classically-styled rugs: standard braiding, flat braiding, right-only or left-only braiding, plait braiding, false braiding, round or square braiding, and ladder braiding. The most common style braided rug is the flat braid style, which produces a swirling pattern. Braided rugs are generally used as area rugs as opposed to full-floor rugs, and they are also often used as doormats and entryway rugs.

While you can learn to make a braided rug on your own, this is not a common practice nowadays. Most people prefer to purchase an already-made braided rug. However, it is actually a fun trade to learn and rug braiding can be a very rewarding hobby. You could decorate your home with your own braided rug creations, and you could also make rugs to give to your friends and family members as birthday and holiday gifts. Braided rugs and braided doormats make excellent wedding gifts because braids have symbolism to marriage – braids are three interwoven strands, one representing the bride, one representing the groom, and one representing their union.

Choosing a High-Quality Stylish Braided Rug for Your Home

A braided rug is lovely way to spruce up a bare floor or even a carpeted area in your home. Since they come in virtually every color under the sun, you won’t have any trouble finding a braided rug to suit your interior design needs. They also come in an array of styles, materials, sizes, and thicknesses. Braided rugs can be bought at craft fairs, flea markets, nationwide department stores, online retail stores and auction websites.

One of the most reputable companies that specialize in braided rugs is the Cape Cod Braided Rug Company. This family-run company has been around for over ninety-five years, and they promise that all of their rugs are made of at least eighty-percent wool. If you are looking for a braided rug that is going to be very sturdy and durable and will stand the test of time, you shouldn’t settle for a braided rug made up of less than seventy-five percent wool. Prices for braided rugs widely vary depending on the manufacturer, the quality, and the materials used. A four by six foot braided rug from the Cape Cod Braided Rug Company will set you back about two-hundred and twenty-five dollars.

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