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Rug to Enliven a Living Room and Give Focus

A living room rug is a beautiful way to accent a room and provide unity to the decor. Living rooms are known to be places for gathering together with family and friends. Most living rooms feature a furniture arrangement that has various couches and chairs along the walls of the room, creating an empty space in the middle and facilitating easy conversation. Many living rooms have all of the furniture facing toward a television, using it as the key focal point. Coffee tables are often used in front of the sofas and chairs to provide even more structure for the room. With all of this careful arrangement and design of furniture, it is the perfect place for a living room rug.

A Living Room Rug Adds Style

Because living rooms are such gathering places, most people want them to be comfortable and relaxing, and a living room rug can help create this effect. Living rooms are generally one of the largest rooms in the house, which means there is a good deal of space that needs to be artfully and carefully filled and arranged. For this reason, most of the time a living room rug is larger than other rugs found throughout the house. In a room with so much space and large furniture, like long sofas or big recliners, smaller rugs can sometimes--but not always--look out of place.

Living room rugs are great decorational pieces because they can easily mesh and blend with other existing decor, like wall color and furniture design, while still expressing the homeowner's own style. There are living room rugs that are more modern in design, with bright colors and fluid motion, and others that are more traditional with understated designs, like monochromatic or Oriental varieties. One of the most important things to remember when choosing a living room rug is to have it complement the rest of the room and not overly stand out. In many living rooms, rugs occupy a central position, so they can easily be used to help direct eye movement, flow of motion and conversation.

There are many different kinds of living room rugs from which a homeowner can choose. Round rugs and rectangular rugs are popular choices, and square rugs--though less common--will work, as well, if the right space is available. A living room rug can be especially helpful in a room with hardwood floors because it can help protect the floor and add warmth and softness to the room. If the living room is white or generally monochromatic, the rugs can also be used to add a burst of color and energy in order to enliven the room.

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