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Rugs that Showcase Country Living

Country living rugs can help contribute to the country, farmhouse, relaxed feeling of a home, especially when combined with other “country” décor. Rugs naturally add to the comfort and homeliness of any house or apartment because they help soften the rooms and bring splashes of color into the environment. Rugs can be big or small, but regardless of size they often help focus people’s attentions and direct movement and eyes in certain directions. Rugs can help make a small space seem bigger or turn an exceptionally large room into a comfier visiting place. Country living rugs can serve a variety of purposes and have a diverse range of appearances, but they are always popular additions to any home.

Specifics about Country Living Rugs

Country living rugs are especially popular and common in the kitchen. Because the kitchen is such a traditional gathering place for both families and guests, many people work to ensure that their kitchens are enjoyable, relaxing places. However, this effect can sometimes be difficult to achieve because of the cold vinyl or tile floors in kitchens and the number of appliances. Rugs help to soften this space, add some color, provide warmth, and even protect against slippage where water spills and drips are common. Country living rugs often showcase “country,” picturesque scenes, such as farm animals (like cows or chickens) farms and country houses, summer foods (like apples and harvest foods), etc. It is extremely common to see country living rugs that are combinations and shades of red, blue, brown, and yellow—warm, positive colors that give a peaceful, relaxing feeling.

Country living rugs are not just limited to use in kitchens, however. Many people like to continue the decorative scheme and design in the kitchen into other areas of the house. Rugs that are primarily made with these warm and inviting colors and that feature calm, pastoral, outdoor settings can all be classified as country living rugs. Country living rugs are unlike oriental rugs because they do not generally showcase ornate designs or vivid, dynamic colors. If country living rugs do not specifically exhibit country scenes, they will often be solid-colored or have patterns characteristic of a homemade quilt. Generally, country living rugs give the impression that they are—or could be—handmade creations. If you are interested in buying country living rugs for your home, it is a good idea to look in home decoration magazines like Country Living to get an idea of what kinds of rugs are available. Because these rugs are so common, they can be bought at many different stores selling home décor items and on the Internet.

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