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Home Style: Accent Rooms with Rugs

Home accent are one of the most common home decoration accessories used across the country. Nearly every person has at least one home accent rug in his or her home or apartment. Rugs help make the house or apartment a home. They create a more welcoming atmosphere and provide complimentary décor. Accent rugs can be used in nearly any room of the house and frequently are used in more than one. They can be big or small, elaborate or simple, solid-colored or featuring specific designs. Although decorating a home can often be quite a challenge, home accent rugs are easy to incorporate and they can blend in with many different decorative schemes.

Possibilities for Home Accent Rugs

The most common type of home accent rugs are probably kitchen and bathroom rugs and doormats. Most homes have a rug outside the house or apartment, just before the door, as a place for people to clean and dry their feet and as a preliminary welcome message. These doormats often convey the message that someone lives there and has taken the time to make it into a comfortable home. At times, these doormats can be on the inside of the home, but the function and message remains the same.

Kitchen and bathroom home accent rugs are also extremely important in home décor. Part of their importance is due to their functional utility. Both the kitchen and bathroom are rooms that continuously deal with moisture and often have vinyl or tile floors. As a result, these floors can frequently become slippery and dangerous. Small rugs placed in key positions, such as under the sink, in front of the bathtub, and near the toilet, can really be a safety measure and help absorb dripped water. Because tile and vinyl floors are colder and harder than carpeted floors, these small rugs can add a degree of warmth and softness into the otherwise cold and hard rooms.

In any room of the house, there are many choices for the design of home accent rugs. Many will be designed simply and with only one solid color. These rugs are the easiest to incorporate into already existing décor because only the colors, and no other stylistic design elements, have to be matched. For people who really want to make a statement with their rugs, however, there are many different varieties from which they can choose. There are some that reflect modern, bright tastes, and others that cater to a more traditional, calmer style.

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