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Rugs That Depict the French Country

French country rugs stand out from the all the others because they have a distinctive look and style. Rugs are an almost necessary element of any home. They can serve as room centerpieces, kitchen accents, doormats, and decorations that add color and atmosphere to any room. The different choices of rugs are quite extensive. Some rugs are high pile, elegant creations, while other rugs are flat woven with a more simplistic look. There are rugs that look as if they were made of natural materials and hand-woven, and others that look as if they would require specialized materials and handiwork.

French Country Rugs: The Style

French country rugs are beautiful and distinctive. One can understand the appeal of this style of rug by considering the feelings that arise when thinking about the French countryside. The countryside is a peaceful, idyllic setting in any country or part of the world, but the French countryside has the effect of conjuring up exceptionally tranquil emotions and feelings. Unlike the general perception of the countryside in the United States, the French countryside has a certain elegance attached to it, a rustic charm that somehow combines country simplicity with city style.

French country rugs help bring this stylistic simplicity, this country elegance, into anyone’s home, whether he or she lives in the United States or another country. French country rugs are very adaptable and can easily be incorporated into many different decorative styles and schemes because there is such a variety of patterns and designs. One popular type of French country rug showcases the country rooster. The rooster can appear in a variety of settings or designs, but the general look of the rooster usually remains the same. Many other French country rugs draw on the inspiration and depiction of the vineyards and grapes that produce luscious, delicious wines. Wine bottles, grape vines, and tranquil vineyards are commonly seen in French country rugs, and these are timeless designs that can easily mesh with other decorative elements.

French country rugs generally are designed with particular color schemes. The colors that frequently characterize these rugs are deep, rich tones, like maroon, rose, forest green, taupe, and similar colors. Oftentimes, these colors are accompanied by beautiful-written French words that describe the setting and objects in the original language. Subtle, understated, embroidered patterns are often part of French country designs, as well. Regardless of exactly which kind of French country rug you choose, there is sure to be one that appeals to your specific tastes and works within your overall design scheme.

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