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Floral Patterns Feature Rose Design: Rugs

Floral rose rugs are great additions to many homes, especially those with traditional decorating styles. Rugs give much emphasis to any room, helping to direct motion, focus attention, and provide a sense of completeness and balance. Some rugs become centerpieces of a room due to their location or size, while other rugs serve more as accents or pieces that help direct the flow of traffic from room to room. Rugs create spatial lines and shapes that really contribute to the style and atmosphere of a room in an almost unconscious way. In addition to their many decorative uses, they can also add warmth, help protect carpet or hardwood floors from the wear and tear of heavy traffic, and serve as doormats.

Floral Rose Rugs Give Certain Style

Floral rose rugs are often designed with a style and look very similar to the Victorian times. Roses, by their nature and inherent symbolism, carry with them a certain romanticism, softness, and focus on natural beauty. Roses are commonly associated with love, passion, and desire, as well as peaceful tranquility and relaxation. Think of rose gardens, rose bouquets, rose scents, etc. Because roses are such a well-known symbol, their use in a decorative design immediately conjures up these feelings unconsciously, helping to produce a peaceful, content atmosphere that anyone would be glad to have in his or her home. Oftentimes, however, roses are not left to stand alone in decorative designs. They generally appear as part of a more diverse collection of floral scenery that brings to mind the atmosphere of a rose garden.

Because of all this natural imagery and symbolic association, floral rose rugs are great to use in homes that work to create this feeling. Floral rose rugs would not complement well a home that is decorated in a modern style with much metal furniture, vivid dynamic colors, or intense motion. However, homes that have a great deal of antique furniture—or even furniture built reminiscent of the “antique look”—made of wood, especially dark deep mahoganies and maples are perfect for floral rose rugs. These rugs can easily be placed under beautiful dining room tables or in the center of room filled with Victorian style furniture. The colors that are most often seen in floral rose rugs are deep, dark maroons, blood reds, forest greens, light browns, etc. The color scheme, more often than not, tends to be darker and more muted, blending in more than standing out, but there are many different varieties of floral rose rugs that can appeal to any style.

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