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Display National Pride with Americana Style Rugs

If you want to showcase your love of country, you should consider decorating your floors and walls with Americana rugs. Americana refers to materials and decorations that are related to American history, culture, folklore, geography, and traditions. Patriotic home décor is a lovely interior design theme to go with, and there are a plethora of Americana products on the market to satisfy your country-loving tastes. Americana rugs are a great touch to an American-themed home.

You might be thinking that all Americana rugs are based on a red, white, and blue color palette, and while that is true for many Americana rugs and accessories, there are also tons of Americana rugs and home accents in an array of non-flag colors. After all, not all Americana products are based on the American flag alone -- the only qualifier for something to be called “Americana” is that it relates in some way to the United States of America. Rugs, particularly decorative Americana rugs, look great on floors, but they also make fabulous eye-catching wall hangings.

Guide to Patriotic Americana Rugs for Your Floors or Walls

There are several places to find great Americana rugs for your home. They are often sold at craft fairs, where you can find handmade Americana creations that are very unique and special. Most of the Americana rugs sold at flea markets and craft fairs are made to be hung on a wall, and not to be used as a floor rug. You can find Americana rugs at retailers nationwide, in many department stores, and through many online retailers as well. Since so many Americana rugs are designed to be hung and not walked on, make sure that you ask before you buy if you are planning to use your Americana rug on the floor. If you purchase an Americana rug with a picture of an American flag on it, it is more appropriate to hang it rather than keep it on the floor (there is something disrespectful about wiping your dirty shoes on the stars and stripes).

Some of the possible designs that you might find while hunting for Americana rugs are soaring eagles, lighthouses, nautical themes, American sports themes, and cottages. The prices for Americana rugs are far too wide-ranging to approximate – some are factory-made, others are handmade, others are classic antiques. However, you can certainly find affordable varieties of Americana rugs at chain stores, such as Target, Wal-Mart, and K-Mart. If you are looking to display your American spirit, Americana rugs and other Americana home accents are a great way to do so!

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