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Floral Patterned Rug: French Style

A French floral rug is a common element in many homes. The importance of rugs in any home or apartment cannot be denied because they really have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the home. In homes that have hardwood floors, the floors—though beautiful—can often be cold and hard. Some people use different sized rugs in particular places throughout the house to provide a little extra warmth and make the floor soft for sitting and lounging. Even in homes without hardwood floors, rugs can be used to protect carpet from high traffic, add a burst of color to the room, and complement other decorative pieces.

French Floral Rug: The Specifics

Clearly, a French floral rug will have a floral design, usually combining many different kinds and colors of flowers to create a truly beautiful pattern. French rugs, unlike other rugs made from natural fibers, often have a more polished, finished look. They will generally be made of soft fibers that are not flat-woven. These characteristics make a French floral rug very comfortable to sit or rest on in addition to being beautifully decorative.

French rugs are characterized by elegance and sophistication. They help create a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere and a calming effect. They can make visitors and homeowners feel as if they are in French garden, vineyard or countryside. The floral design of a French floral rug usually has a collection of flowers and greenery arranged in specific designs or patterns, instead of depicting floral scenes, such as gardens—however, that design in possible, as well. Flowers are often arranged in rings, diamonds, triangles, or lines, and therefore convey a subdued motion that provides directional focus without overwhelming someone with intense, active motion. The various lines of flowers that can be seen in many French floral rugs mimic vines in gardens or the grapevines in vineyards.

French floral rugs are easy to incorporate into many different decorative schemes, but they work best with traditional design and décor as opposed to a modern focus. Because the colors are darker and deeper, like maroon, rose, forest green, taupe, etc., they complement furniture made of dark wood and houses with dark wood trim. The curvy lines of the flowers and vines also blend perfectly with the curved appearance and design of much Victorian style and other antique furniture. French floral rugs are easy to find in rug stores all over the country or online. It is often possible to get great deals and discounts online with web-based sellers because they have more inventory and price flexibility.

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