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Rugs Made of Wool: Try Hand Hooked

Although few people may realize it now, rugs were and have always been an expression of art and creative handiwork, and hand hooked wool rugs are one example. People throughout history have used rugs in their homes for both function and beauty, but many societies and cultures—especially ones in times long past—did not have the option of driving to the store to purchase a beautifully made rug. For many people, if they want a rug they have to make it. For many other people, making handmade rugs has become their livelihood and way of life. It has become a defining characteristic and even given the makers a certain fame.

History of Hand Hooked Wool Rugs

The primary materials for hand hooked wool rugs are wool or other strips of fabric or yarn, a base made of even-weave (like feed sacks made of burlap, monks-cloth, divider cloth, or linen), and a hook that is similar to crochet hooks. Unlike many other rugs that people commonly buy to use in their homes, these rugs do not often come from some distant land or foreign country. Hand hooked wool rugs were first developed and produced by early North American pioneer women and colonists who wanted to add some warmth to the bare floors of their rustic homes and have a way to express their creativity. Today, these rugs are still made in much the same fashion, and although they are not as necessary as they were then—and probably not as simply-made either—they are still beautiful creations that now have the distinction of being folk-art.

Hand hooked wool rugs are made by using the hook to form a looped pile that is made from the strips of fabric. The fabric can be as special and high quality as preferred, or it can be simply what is available. In the earliest beginnings of hand hooked rugs, the women usually used old feed sacks that were going to be thrown away and fabric scraps that were collected in the scrap basket. Today, the materials are probably of higher quality, but the overall result is very similar. For people who want hand hooked wool rugs in their houses, there are two available options: learn to make the rugs themselves or buy them from one of the many stores (including online stores) that offer them. The rugs are very easy to learn how to make. In fact, there are many websites and books geared toward teaching children how to make hand hooked wool rugs as an art craft.

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