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Rugs for Nautical Themes: Try a Lighthouse

Lighthouse rugs are a great way to incorporate a nautical theme into home decorations. Many people love the ocean and the feelings it creates, and therefore want to bring it into their home. A home decorated in a nautical or ocean style, or a room with this specific design, can really be a creative, yet beautiful way, to reveal personal interests in the décor of a room. Whether it is with fish nets, antique fish baskets, fly fishing rods, seagulls, ocean pictures, etc., the ocean can bring a definite feeling of natural beauty and tranquility into any room or home. The colors are often subdued and the lines tend to be smooth and flowing, so the room will usually end up with a very peaceful, relaxing feel.

Lighthouse Rugs: The Many Benefits

Lighthouse rugs are a popular decorative element in houses or rooms decorated around the water theme. Lighthouses have long been a powerful symbol associated with the ocean because they convey ideas of strength, guidance, constancy, withstanding the storm, a light in the darkness, etc. Because of the lighthouse’s often precarious position on the rocky cliff or edge of the water, they have a certain romantic imagery associated with them that spurs the imagination and stimulates daydreaming.

Because most of the colors often associated with ocean settings are subdued and soft, like gray, light blues, pink, light greens, and white, a room that is decorated in this style can easily end up being nearly monochromatic—or at least appear that way. Lighthouses can help inject a burst of color (that is more vivid and bright but still complementary) because they are usually painted with darker, bolder colors that emphasize their solid, towering presence against the lighter background of the scenery that surrounds them.

Lighthouse rugs can be both big and small, depending on the available space. However, if there is a good deal of available space, it can create a great effect to place a large—very long or tall—lighthouse rug in a room because the design and shape of the rug will mimic the design and shape of the lighthouse itself and add a nice focal point to the room. Lighthouses are extremely popular decorative items, and therefore it is easy to find lighthouse rugs that have the look and feel that is desired. Many people have collections of small lighthouses or lighthouse pictures in various rooms of their houses, and lighthouse rugs only add to and complete the unity of this design. Lighthouse rugs can be found at Home Depot and other home improvement or décor stores, as well as specialized rug stores.

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