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Rugs: A Variety of Options

Rugs are so simple but also amazingly complex. The range of ways that rugs can be used is nearly as diverse as the potential design of the rugs. Rugs can be functional or decorative, large or small, and made of many different materials. Some people use rugs only to protect the cleanliness of the carpet—for example, outside rugs that are used before entering a house—or to provide no-slippage flooring in the case of kitchen rugs that help prevent the vinyl or tile floors from becoming slippery from dripped or spilled water. However, these rugs are so common and seemingly mundane that many people do not really even think about them when they consider “rugs.” When most people really think about or discuss rugs, they are usually referring to ornate, decorative rugs that often considered as art works.

Types of Rugs

Rugs that are highly ornate and decorative are often made with painstaking care and attention to detail. Some of the most well-known rugs are the famous oriental rugs. Oriental rugs are often very large, so large in fact that they are often referred to as oriental carpets and can cover an entire room. Many people use these oriental rugs or similar rugs to cover hardwood floors or a portion of the floors to provide extra warmth and comfort and an added artistic flair to the design of the room. The fame of oriental rugs usually results from the complexity, pattern, and color of their design, usually making the rugs quite expensive.

For those not willing to spend such a large sum of money on decorative rugs, there are many other options. Smaller rugs are available in many different stores in a variety of designs. Some rugs emphasize elaborate patterns, while others showcase the designs of famous art works. The good news about most decorative rugs is that they do come in so many sizes. Therefore, whether the available space is small or large, a person can decorate his or her home with the style of beautiful rugs.

To move to an even smaller kind of rug, kitchen accent rugs are extremely popular. In fact, these may possibly be the most commonly bought types of rugs because most people seem to have rugs in their kitchen, often under the sink area or near the stove. In addition to being functional and a safety measure, these rugs can also help provide a decorative touch to a kitchen that needs a little color or energy. For those interested in rugs and all the functional and decorative possibilities they have to offer, Fact Expert has done the research to provide all the information on different kinds of rugs, how they are made, the possible designs, etc.